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In 1960, the University of Illinois pioneered a digital training program for students, a method other schools in the area also began using. By the 90s, online-only courses exploded in popularity, paving the way for businesses to use e-Learning as a training tool for employees.

Today, digital training and online coursework continue to attract the best and brightest students, expanding opportunities for educational professionals and trainers to reach students throughout the world.


Developing courses with simple language and engaging content helps audiences to retain complex information. Creative design elements ensure course learners achieve the training objectives.

By offering students or employees innovative remote and digital learning opportunities, creators bring the power of technology and the impact of education together to create a powerful vehicle for changing the world. Our website guides visitors by engaging with a diverse group of global citizens who are thirsty for dynamic, digital learning opportunities.

Digital Learning

Both digital and remote learning innovate the way in which students receive and retain information. By enabling trainers and instructors to use advanced technology, digital education provides engaging content to eager learners.

Mobile technology is a game-changer because it brings the power of education to students or staff at any place or time. The flexibility of web-based instruction attracts digital learners to a vast number of courses and training options online.

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